Request a Custom Piece by Foliage

Custom pieces by Foliage are a process and take time. They also require your input to make the piece just for you.

Some of this information is:

  • The color you absolutely love
  • The inspiration of your piece. Maybe it was one you saw worn by a woman on the subway or one that you lost while traveling. I will do my best to create the pretty just for you. 
  • Accurate measurements (I will assist)
  • Information must be submitted timely (within 3 days) or the commission will be dropped and all monies paid will be forfeited. 

Changing the fiber on some pieces will result in a different outcome. Please use Foliage's website and social media accounts to get a good idea of fibers used and how they will lay. 

Please remember, I will not copy other designs or infringe on trademarks. 

I cannot wait to see what I can create for you. 


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